Personal Information such as Last name or Family Name, Addresses, Telephone Numbers, URL's, E-mail's, Instant messengers, or other relevant contact information shall not be disclosed to any member, entity or other person without the consent of the member itself.
No information shall be distributed, exchanged, sold given away, or transferred to any person or entity without the express consent of the member.
No messages, stories or any other information from any member may be posted or transferred to any other sources including website without the express permission of the parties of origination.

We use members email address to forward all correspondence to members of interest but we reserve the right not to post these addresses. Only the members may post their contact information after the initial contact has been made and membership fees have been paid to satisfy our service agreement.
Each member reserves the right not to acknowledge contact from another member.
After initiating contact and providing a member's address to another member, those members holds us harmless from any further contact as we have lost our power to stop any future emails.
All other private information submitted by the user is confidential and will not be disclosed except as required by law or to protect members of
Public information supplied by a member that is posted in their profile may be viewed by other members and guests. This information is used for members and guests to search and match other members.

We reserve the right to amend this privacy policy without further notice. It is a member's responsibility to review this privacy policy for any changes when returning to this website.