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Our Services
Post your Profile = FREE
Search and add other members to your favorites
Send an email to a member introducing yourself
Several Affordable programs available to mee your needs.

We got all the skanks, Ho's and babes. Take your pick and make it quick!


We do not guarantee any results after payment is made. It's up to you and the other person to keep the contact initiated. We also can not guarantee the other person may want to provide you with their email address or contact info.


When you deal with foreign countries like Russia , people earn from $20/month to $200/month. They may not be able to afford a computer or have access to one. In the profiles that we list we let you know if there is email or no email. This should not stop your incentive to pursue the member. But the Fee structure for us changes.
To be fair
We will charge you a flat fee for a letter to be sent regular courier $7 handling fee. If the lady responds to your Letter and we receive the response you will to our office. The mail is held until we receive the contact fee of $10.
The letter will be scanned and emailed to you & original also sent to you. You will then have the address and can make further contact without payment to us.
Handling Fee includes one color photo that we print from your profile, and a self stamped return envelope for the reply.
This does not include extra charges for translation or overnight service

When Can I give the other person My Email or Contact information?
You may only exchange contact information after our contact service fee has been satisfied.

Do I always get a response to my Email or Letter?
No! The member you are contacting may feel they are not attracted to you and are not obligated to respond back. We ask them to but we can not make them.

How long should I wait?
Generally allow a minimum of 1 to 3 days for email response. Some ladies do not have 24hr access to a computer. Or they may be busy and do not get their email everyday.
For regular mail, be patient. Delivery can take up to a week to foreign countries. Then 2 to 3 days for them to respond, and another week to return here.
Keep in mind that Love and Romance is not science, it takes time to develop and grow. Have patience, but do not limit yourself to one member. Have several choices.

Refund after Contact
There are no refunds or credits after you pay for a contact no matter what the situation is unless we see you were or are trying to be defrauded or deceived.


Do I have to purchase other services?
We offer or may offer translation services, gift services, photo services, excursions to overseas cities, Visa services, marriage application services etc.
NO! You are not required or will be asked by us to use any other services. It is your choice to use or choose.


Any Usage of any pornographic or nudity material whether they are photos attached to your profile or attached to your emails are strictly prohibited.
Any offensive, vulgar, demeaning, sexually explicit, racial, or cursing language is strictly prohibited.
Any member that breaks this rule may be denied and have their membership canceled without notice or refund.


Mail order Brides
This implication refers to anyone being able to purchase a human being for money. We do not support this and further more this is illegal.


Anyone suspected or caught for scamming will be terminated from our service. Any member may not ask another member for any monies for any reason with no exceptions. If anyone asks you for money, please forward to us an email and description so we may instantly bar the member and/or report them to the authorities.


Are the Ladies Real
When we receive a profile we try to verify their address and location by telephone confirmation (speaking directly), or mail correspondence. We also may monitor email correspondence for legitimacy or inaccuracies of the messages.


Your asking me for my address and phone number
We must have your personal information on file that is kept by us and revealed to no one, this helps us verify you are a real person and not trying to run any scams.


We do not use any models. All people here are real people as we know. If any are models and have professional photos taken it has been done at their request without our intervention. It is not meant to deceive anyone.


Success Stories
We need your stories. Please keep us informed; your stories will help many others. Email us on the contact page.


Our ears are always open for improvements.


Setting up A Date overseas
When you're ready to set up a meeting with one or more ladies we are here to help you. We will plan a trip for you and possibly a few other people. We will set the location contact the ladies for you, prepare reservations for airline, hotel, ground transportation and provide you with an itinerary package. You excursion/date depending time may also include sightseeing tour of the area, visit to museums or other attractions.


Language Barriers
You may have questions about communication with ladies in their native language.
We have translators to help in the rough spots. Most ladies know English or at least some English. If not they are eager to learn. Classes can be set up in their native country as well as most high schools or colleges in the USA offer day and night courses in English.


I'm too busy to Search for a Partner
Many business people do not have the patience or time to spend on a computer to search and find their mate. For this we offer a personalized service to help you find someone.

We will set an appointment to meet with you, perhaps even fly out to your office and conduct an interview. Post your profile, create letters of interest and search for a group of available candidates. We will schedule an interview session to meet with the candidates so you can make the final decision. This is for a premium charge.


Language Display Problems
There may be issues when switching from English to Russian and back.
Some screens still display in the wrong language. To quickly resolve this issue it is suggested to delete your cookies, as the language settings use cookies for switching.
In Internet Explorer, click on TOOLS, then INTERNET OPTIONS, under the General tab in the middle of the panel is Temporary Internet Files Look for a button that says "Delete Cookies" and click it.

This Deletes all cookies so the language settings will be restored to ENGLISH.

We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it.